ACE Ranking Metholodology

ACE 2.0 ranking methodology

Eliminates tiers and pass/fail ‒‒ final rankings among network facilities are now derived from scores in each of the program categories.

A facility’s overall performance is measured by standardizing each metric against a regional mean and regional standard deviation, and the result is then weighted in order to provide a more accurate portrait of a facility’s performance across a continuum of care.

The facilities that rank in the top 15% of each category (General Mental Health, Substance Abuse – Alcohol, Substance Abuse – Other, and Eating Disorder) will be recognized as Platinum. There will be no other tiers in the redesigned ACE program.

Data standardization

ACE converts data from percentages, cost and utilization into a common scale or standardized data set.

Data standardization is achieved by subtracting the mean of the region from the individual metric score and then dividing by that metric’s regional standard deviation. A score of 0 indicates the facility is performing at the mean in that region. A score of +1 indicates the facility is performing better than the average facility in its region by exactly 1 standard deviation. A score of -1 means the facility is performing 1 standard deviation below the average facility in its region.